Top Ranking States for Solar in 2015


Top Ranking States for Solar in 2015

New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut are top states for affordable solar power according to a recent report from the advocacy website Solar Power Rocks (SPR). Businesses and institutions in these states can invest in solar with some of the fastest paybacks and best terms available.

New York scored the number one spot for “doing almost everything right.” With the most aggressive RPS in the country, an attractive solar carve-out, generous rebates and incentives and a committed governor at the helm, the Empire State is positioned for a bright future in solar energy.

Massachusetts also earned high marks in the report. SPR lauded the Commonwealth’s rebates, performance payments, tax exemptions and accessibility laws, calling it “the easiest state” for solar with one of the fastest paybacks of all.

New Jersey earned an A for a strong RPS, great tax exemptions and “a rockin’ SREC market.” Finally, Connecticut earned a solid A with a great RPS and accessibility laws and a “HUGE” solar rebate.

The Future Is Bright

Solar Power Rocks notes that enough solar energy reaches the Earth’s surface every forty minutes to power the world for an entire year. Businesses in these states can capture their share with confidence thanks to some of the most favorable policies and conditions in the nation.

Current federal subsidies are good through 2016, making this a great time to jump into solar in these states.

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