Dynamic Energy Expands Its Energy Services Offerings


Dynamic Energy Expands Its Energy Services Offerings

To better meet the needs of its growing customer base, Dynamic Energy has expanded its Energy Services solutions to include Alternative Power Source for Backup Generation, Boiler MACT Assessments and Arc Flash Studies.

Alternative Power Source for Backup Generation

The majority of the facilities and institutions interested in distributed generation all have the basic need for backup generation.  Dynamic Energy will evaluate backup generation costs and project feasibility for emergency loads, legally required standby loads and optional standby loads as part of our standard project development tasks.  Dynamic’s in-house staff of Electrical P.E.s and designers have extensive experience in designing and pricing full turnkey solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

Boiler MACT Assessments

The EPA has recently announced new mandatory requirements for both Area Source and Major Source boilers across the US. These rules include a variety of deadlines and requirements for mandatory boiler assessments, tune ups and emission limits. While assessments are limited to large (>10 MMBtu/HR) boilers, several rules apply that can create issues for clients. 

Required boiler assessments and/or efficiency audits can only be performed by certified boiler personnel. To better serve our clients, Dynamic has added engineering resources to provide certified personnel to conduct these audits. 

Arc Flash Studies

Dynamic will provide Arc Flash Studies to assist our customers with implementing the recommendations of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.  Included in our study will be detailed facility reviews to obtain the overcurrent protective device (circuit breaker/fuse) information, cable sizes, locate utilities and panelboards for the arc flash study. 

The product of the arc flash study will include a single line diagram and a report designating electrical hazard levels at the required power distribution elements in accordance with NFPA 70E.  Reporting will also specify proper personnel protective equipment (PPE) levels for the various hazard levels. 

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