Dynamic Energy Presents at Distributed Solar East 2013


Dynamic Energy Presents at Distributed Solar East 2013

On June 4, members of Dynamic Energy presented at Distributed Solar East 2013, a solar energy-focused program hosted in the Almas Temple Club of Washington, DC. The program was designed to examine the leading and emerging solar markets on the East Coast including the Northeast, New York and New Jersey, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast. As solar energy continues to expand, each state is adopting its own unique model for providing economic incentives for business. David Deutsch, Vice President, Business Development and Project Finance, presented on solar business opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic markets of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

David, along with other solar industry professionals, reported on current policies and incentive programs, and the outlook for upcoming changes in solar policy and incentives. Not only did they discuss the Mid-Atlantic solar markets, but they also covered solar policy and incentives in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey during the program.

The day’s events ended with a presentation on the future of solar policy and incentives, addressing which markets work and why, lessons learned with SREC markets, and what changes in market design can be realistically achieved.

For more information on Distributed Solar East 2013, please visit the event website