Ankur International Energizes New Solar Array


Ankur International Energizes New Solar Array

Cranbury, NJ – June 5, 2012 — Ankur International, a leader in granite and marble counter-top installations, has commissioned a state-of-the art solar system. The 109 kW unit was designed and installed by solar developer, Dynamic Energy.

The new system is expected to produce over 125,000 kW and negate 82 metric tons of CO2 annually. Over the project’s 25 year warranted life, it will offset a total amount of 2,000 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to removing over 400 cars from New Jersey’s roads.

About Ankur International

Ankur International, Inc., started in 1989, has established excellence in the quality of stone and service it provides to its customers. Ankur has knowledgeable staff to assist in selection of proper material for all type of projects. Ankur stocks premium granite from India, as well as a variety of marble and granite from all around the world. Their stone has been used in multimillion-dollar hotels, restaurants, office buildings and even homes. Ankur supplies first quality material at highly competitive prices. For more information please visit: