Solar Energy Systems for Retailers

Renewable Energy Means Big Savings for Retailers

Despite continued improvement in the economy, brick-and-mortar retailers are facing unprecedented challenges. The rise of ecommerce and changes in consumers’ shopping behaviors have stretched margins to the breaking point and many retailers are unable to find enough cost reductions to compete. At the same time, energy costs are rising dramatically and are expected to become even more volatile over the next decade.

That’s why retailers have been at the forefront of solar energy adoption in the United States. Solar energy allows brick-and-mortar stores to help power themselves and provide a new source of revenue. Moving to renewable energy also sends a powerful message to consumers, who connect with environmentally friendly brands. Solar energy systems can be installed with zero capital outlay and generate reliable income every month.


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How We Help Retailers

Dynamic Energy can provide a solar power system that will immediately lower your energy costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Challenge: Reducing energy costs in facilities

Solution: A solar array gives your company reliable energy savings and frees you from the “gridlock” of rising and increasingly unpredictable energy costs.

Challenge: Getting a better return from your facilities investments

Solution: A solar array uses a significant asset—roof space—to generate revenue and improve cash flow. Solar photovoltaic systems also extend roof life for EPDM and TPO membranes by shielding them from UV rays.

Challenge: Getting a competitive advantage

Solution: Using renewable energy supports American energy independence and positions your company as an innovative, environmentally responsible member of the community, promoting brand loyalty and stronger pricing.

“For major retailers, the company’s support of renewable energy reflects a true dedication to their employees, customers and our country’s quest for energy independence.”

Michael Perillo, President & CEO of Dynamic Energy

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