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Solar Energy Helps Manufacturers Stay Competitive

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers must continually find innovative ways to cut operating costs or face obsolescence. Foreign and domestic firms with fewer regulatory burdens and lower costs have created a pricing race to the bottom and technology has made price shopping easier than ever. At the same time, consumers are sensitive to the environmental impact of their purchases and expect manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices.

Solar energy can give you a competitive advantage on both fronts. A solar array can provide positive cash flow from day one and reduce your energy costs for decades. In addition, it sends a powerful message to consumers, who connect with environmentally friendly brands.


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How We Help Manufacturers

Dynamic Energy can install a state-of-the-art solar power system that will generate monthly revenue, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and position your brand as environmentally responsible.

Challenge: Improving cash flow

Solution: Power purchase agreements (PPAs) allow companies to install a solar system that generates monthly revenue, guaranteed, with no capital outlay. Current federal and state incentives are also allowing companies to achieve ROIs of 15-20 percent on solar power systems. State incentives are particularly attractive in NJ, MA, CT and MD.

Challenge: Reducing energy costs in plant operations

Solution: A solar array delivers instant energy savings and insulates your company from rising and increasingly unpredictable energy costs.

Challenge: Differentiating your brand

Solution: Using clean energy in manufacturing promotes brand loyalty and product differentiation, which support stronger pricing.

“We talked to four different companies and found Dynamic had everything we needed. It was turnkey. They provided assistance at every level–from design and construction to selling energy credits.”

Peter Kjellerup, Co-Owner of Dansko

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