The recent recession left public and nonprofit organizations scrambling to meet increasing service demands despite declining revenues and funding sources. To meet the ongoing demand for essential services, government entities and non-profits are continually challenged to find new sources of revenue or savings.

Solar energy can help your organization stretch precious budget dollars by providing immediate cash flow and reducing your energy costs for decades. In addition, a solar energy project shows your organization’s commitment to good citizenship and responsible environmental stewardship.


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How We Help Non-Profits & Government

Dynamic Energy can install a solar power system that will generate cash, cut your operating expenses, and reinforce your organization’s commitment to your community and the environment.

Challenge: Improving cash flow

Solution: Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you can install a solar system that generates monthly revenue from day one, guaranteed, with no upfront expense to your organization. If you prefer to invest in a system, you can take advantage of current federal and state incentives to achieve ROIs of 15-20 percent. State incentives are particularly attractive in NJ, MA, CT and MD. Solar also draws in participation and resources from other state and national advocacy groups.

Challenge: Turning liabilities into assets

Solution: A solar array can convert an empty expanse of roof, a vacant field or even a landfill into a cash generator, turning liabilities into revenue centers.

Challenge: Showing your commitment

Solution: Your state-of-the-art, clean, renewable energy system shows your constituents that you are a progressive organization that cares about the environment.

Our move to solar power will allow us to reallocate precious resources from energy costs to program expansion, while reducing our environmental impact.

Kenny Holdsman, Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center President

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