Solar Power for Food & Beverage

Solar Energy Keeps Food Distributors Lean and Green

The food and beverage industry has seen major consolidation over the past few years, with larger, leaner providers driving smaller firms relying on traditional modes of delivery out of business. The result has been relentless pressure on companies of all sizes to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies. At the same time, consumers have become increasingly sensitive to energy consumption and other environmental costs associated with the products they buy. They expect businesses to lead the way with environmentally responsible practices.

You can get a competitive advantage on both fronts by moving to solar energy. A solar power installation can deliver positive cash flow from day one, providing a competitive edge that is not easily replicated. At the same time, it positions your company as a responsible corporate citizen that uses sustainable, cutting-edge processes and promotes America’s energy independence.


Read the How We Help Food and Beverage Distributors section below for ideas on how solar energy solves common challenges for food and beverage distributors.

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How We Help Food and Beverage

Dynamic Energy can provide a solar power system that will cut your energy costs and reinforce your commitment to good environmental stewardship.

Challenge: Improving cash flow

Solution: Through power purchase agreements (PPAs), companies can install a solar system that generates monthly revenue, guaranteed, with no capital outlay. Current federal and state incentives are also allowing companies to achieve returns of 15-20 percent and more on solar power investments. State incentives are particularly aggressive in NJ, MA, CT and MD.

Challenge: Reducing energy costs in plant operations

Solution: A solar array gives your company instant energy savings and provides protection from rising and increasingly unpredictable energy costs.

Challenge: Getting a better return from your facilities investments

Solution: A solar array uses a significant asset—roof space—to generate revenue and improve cash flow. Solar photovoltaic systems also extend roof life for EPDM and TPO membranes by shielding them from UV rays.

Dynamic provided sound advice, delivered detailed technical information and equipment options and had expert installation teams complete the project on time and on budget.

 Michael Cipriano, Vice President of Napoli Foods

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