Solar Energy Systems for Educational Institutions

Renewable Energy Controls Energy Costs for Campuses

With sprawling campuses and extensive energy needs, educational institutions are particularly vulnerable to rising energy prices. Rigid multi-year budgets make adapting to increases in basic operating costs particularly challenging for schools. At the same time, parents and prospective students have become savvy consumers, approaching the school selection process with a more critical eye than prior generations. State-of-the-art facilities and environmentally responsible practices are important factors in their decisions.

Installing a solar energy system gives your school a strong selling point that resonates with today’s socially aware students. In addition, it improves your cash flow and frees your budget from the “gridlock” of ever-increasing energy prices.


Read the How We Help Educational Institutions section below for ideas on how renewable energy solves common challenges for colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

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How We Help Educational Institutions

Dynamic Energy can design a solar array to provide budget certainty and cost savings and align with the social and educational missions of your institution. We’ll even provide a curriculum to incorporate your solar energy system into your educational offerings.

Challenge: Showing your commitment

Solution: A state-of-the-art, clean, renewable energy system shows students that your institution is progressive, committed to good stewardship and environmentally responsible.

Challenge: Freeing cash flow and achieving budget certainty

Solution: Power purchase agreements (PPAs) allow institutions to install a solar system that generates monthly revenue, guaranteed, with no capital outlay. With current federal and state incentives, schools can also invest in solar power systems to achieve ROIs of 15-20 percent. State incentives are particularly attractive in NJ, MA, CT and MD. Solar also pulls in participation and resources from other state and national advocacy groups.

Challenge: Turning your facilities into a learning lab

Solution: A cutting-edge solar installation provides tremendous hands-on learning opportunities during and after installation.

Centenary prides itself on sustainability and supporting green initiatives. This project continues that important tradition.

Dr. Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, President of Centenary College

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