Solar Energy for Distributors and Transportation

Renewable Energy Hedges Rising Energy Costs for Distributors

With 15 percent of their operating budgets going to energy costs, transportation companies and distribution centers have been hit hard by rising energy prices. Prices are expected to continue to climb over the next decade thanks to limited production, unpredictable weather and a host of other factors. To power buildings of 25,000 square feet and up cost-effectively, facilities managers must squeeze maximum utility out of every square foot of space—and every dollar of operating budget.

You can get a whole new dimension of return out of your building space and improve cash flow by turning your roof into a revenue center. A solar array frees your company from the “gridlock” of rising and increasingly volatile energy prices and turns your building into a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency facility.


Read the How We Help Distribution and Transportation section below for ideas on how solar energy solves common challenges for distribution facilities and transportation industry.

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How We Help Distributors & Transportation

Dynamic Energy can provide a solar power system that will cut your energy costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Challenge: Reducing energy costs in facilities

Solution: A solar energy system provides immediate energy savings and provides a hedge against rising and increasingly volatile energy costs.

Challenge: Getting a better return from your facilities investments

Solution: A solar array uses a significant warehouse asset—roof space—to generate revenue and improve cash flow. Solar photovoltaic systems also extend roof life for EPDM and TPO roofing membranes by protecting them from damaging UV rays.

Challenge: Getting the “green” competitive advantage

Solution: Using renewable energy positions your company as a cutting-edge, environmentally responsible member of the community that supports American energy independence, which is a strong selling point for today’s environmentally sensitive consumers.

The entire experience working with the Dynamic team, from start to finish, was outstanding. Dynamic is a professional, world-class organization

Anthony Leo, President & CEO of RLS Logistics

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