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Dynamic Energy is a full service renewable energy consulting firm that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, finance, build and maintain solar, combined heat and power, and renewable energy projects for corporate and institutional clients all over the US. Dynamic Energy develops energy projects that are proven to reduce energy expenses, improve operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment, and help achieve sustainability goals. Our full-service offering includes:
  • Advisory Services

    Site & Facility Management

    Support Program Identification

    Economic Modeling & Project Forecasting

  • Financing Options

    Direct Ownership
    Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
    Lease Structures

  • Design & Engineering

    In-House Design & Engineering

    expertise for Commercial & Industrial Systems

  • Procurement & Construction

    Construction Management

    Professional Engineers

    SEI-Trained, NABCEP-Certified Installers

  • Service & Maintenance

    Operations & Maintenance

    (O&M) Contracts

    System Monitoring & IT Support

  • Incentive Advisory & Management Services

    Incentive Advisory

    Management Services


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Our Mission

Dynamic Energy strives to be the leading full-service provider of energy solutions to commercial, industrial and institutional customers by delivering energy projects that meet clients’ economic goals. This is achieved through accurate financial advisory services, superior design and construction, and unerring post-construction services – underpinned by our strong company values.

Megawatts of Expertise

Dynamic Energy employs a diverse group of professionals required to successfully execute a range of energy projects including financing experts, mechanical and electrical engineers, SEI-trained and NABCEP-certified installers, master electricians, project and construction managers and safety professionals.

Decades of Experience

By leveraging decades of experience in the financial, construction, and project management fields, Dynamic Energy ensures a seamless integration throughout all project phases. Dynamic Energy delivers world-class quality at competitive prices on-time, on budget and with on-going operational support. Watch Dynamic Energy’s videos of projects and installations to learn more about our approach to renewable energy projects.

Recent News



Estes Express Lines and Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC, are pleased to announce the completion of a 688 kW solar project on the roof of Estes’ terminal in West Middlesex, PA. The system is expected to produce 777,400 kilowatt hours of power each year, which will offset 56% of the West Middlesex terminal’s annual consumption.

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Keystone Adjustable Cap Company Lowers Energy Costs with Rooftop Solar Installation in New Jersey


Dynamic Energy completed the installation of a 271 kW roof mount solar energy system at the Keystone Cap Company' facility in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The system is expected to generate energy to offset more than 240 tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of offsetting emissions from 572,666 miles driven by a passenger vehicle or the amount sequestered by nearly 1.9 acres of U.S. forests.

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Dynamic Energy Customers Include: