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    Dynamic brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, finance, build and maintain projects for corporate, industrial and institutional customers.

    Dynamic Energy - A Leader In Energy
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    We develop projects that reduce customers’ expenses, improve operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment and help achieve sustainability goals.

    Dynamic Energy - Powering Ahead
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    Dynamic ensures a seamless integration throughout all project phases, leveraging decades of experience in the financial, construction and project management fields.

    Dynamic Energy - Powering Tomorrow
  • Make The Sun An Asset

    Dynamic delivers world-class quality solar installation at competitive prices on-time, on-budget and with on-going operational support.

    Dynamic Energy - Making The Sun An Asset

Solar, Combined Heat and Power, and Renewable Energy Solutions for Businesses

Dynamic Energy helps businesses reduce energy expenses, improve cash flow and achieve sustainability goals using solar power, combined heat and power and renewable energy solutions.

Solar Power

Proven energy savings with clean, reliable renewable energy from the sun. Learn More

Energy Services

Reduced energy costs, immediate bottom line impact and ongoing savings. Learn More

Combined Heat & Power

Efficient, money-saving heat and power “cogeneration” using natural gas. Learn More

Free energy analysis Learn how your business can reduce energy costs,
benefit from federal incentives and grants, get a zero-cost system and more.

Recent Projects

  • Precision Electronic Glass – 313kW

    Precision Electronic Glass – 313kW

    Dynamic Energy recently completed a 313 kW solar installation for Precision Electronic Glass (PEG) in Vineland, New Jersey. The installation is part of PEG’s commitment to implementing “green energy” initiatives that will help preserve the environment, while lowering its facility’s operating costs.

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  • Skidmore College – 2,085 kW

    Skidmore College – 2,085 kW

    Dynamic Energy installed a solar system for Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York that will provide clean energy and reduce electricity costs by approximately $100,000 per year. Get more information about how the experience and knowledge that Dynamic Energy brought to the project makes a huge difference, not only for the college, but also for the environment.

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  • Napoli Foods – 860 kW | Connecticut

    Napoli Foods – 860 kW | Connecticut

    Our solar photovoltaic installation at Napoli Foods, Inc. in Cheshire, Connecticut is one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in the state.

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  • High-End National Retailer – 399.6 kW Solar

    High-End National Retailer – 399.6 kW Solar

    We installed a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for a major retailer in White Plains, NY that qualified for the NY-Sun Competitive PV Program.

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Company News

  • Solar Project Acquisition Program Announcement


    Dynamic Energy Solutions recently announced the availability of over $125 million to fund a Solar Project Acquisition Program to provide greater access to funding and development resources to build commercial scale solar projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions.

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  • Solar Energy Adds Up to Big Savings for U.S. Schools


    If your school isn’t using solar power, you may be missing out on major budget savings—and a powerful learning platform for students in STEM disciplines. Thousands of U.S. schools are using solar energy to power their facilities, generating budget savings of $77.8 million each year. But that’s only part of the equation.

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  • Top Ranking States for Solar in 2015


    Advocates at Solar Power Rocks recently ranked U.S. states for solar affordability, report cards included, and New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut aced the test. Find out what these states are doing to make solar investments pay

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